Having to research through multiple resources to find the best stocks, currency pairs, and ETFs is not an easy task, especially when you have other priorities in life such as work, family, or school. Monster Trading Systems has developed the perfect trading solution – Monster Trading Signals!


A Simple Pricing Structure for All

  • Real-time alerts for stocks, forex, or ETFs
  • Entry & Exit point alerts with all subscriptions
  • Monster Signals Alerts sent directly to you via email and SMS
  • Remove all emotions, guessing, greed, and fear from trading


For those looking to trade the forex market, we have the perfect trading signals – Monster Scalper and Forex Dominator. With over 30 currency pairs being tracked, focus in trading only the most volatile currencies while riding the trend precisely.

Monster Scalper

Monster Scalper Signals is our flagship forex mechanism that focus on finding scalp, swing, and extended swing opportunities in long and short markets when they emerge.

Price $5,995

Discount = $4,196 (70%)

Final Price = $1,799

Pay with Payment Plans
3 months plan: $ 599.00
6 months plan: $ 299.00

Forex Dominator

Forex Dominator Signals is our long-term forex ship that knows exactly when to enter a trade. It seeks for big macro breakouts and can stay on the trade for several months before exiting a position.

Price $5,995

Discount = $4,196 (70%)

Final Price = $1,799 

Stock Boss Signals seeks for stocks that are trading under $6. It provides opportunity for exponential returns by using a daily time-frame

Price $4,995
Discount = $3,496 (70%)
Final Price = $1,499
Pay with Payment Plans
3 months plan: $ 499.00
6 months plan: $ 249.00

Bull Master Signals captures long-term trends and focus on the top 50 large cap stocks over $10. These stocks can trend for months or

Price $5,595
Discount = $3,916 (70%)
Final Price = $1,679

Sniper Trader Signals uses a swing-trading alerts mechanism to search for stocks that are picking on high volume and trading under

Price $3,995
Discount = $2,796 (70%)
Final Price = $1,199


Looking to keep your trading strategy diversified and focus in long-term returns? We provide the perfect signals product that targets over 1,100 long-term ETFs.

Monster ETF Signals is perhaps our most diversified signals mechanism, It only focus on long-term trending moves in over 1,100 ETFs that are tracked through our Heatseeker software.

Price $6,995

Discount = $4,896 (70%)

Final Price = $2,099