We have developed a user-friendly trading experience that delivers value and opportunity. We have already done the hard work after years of testing and development. Now, we want to provide the solution that you may have been waiting for – the vehicle that closes the gap between professional traders and regular individuals. Monster Signals makes trading possible in a more discipline, efficient, and rewarding manner.


Monster SignalsSignals TypeTrading StrategiesTime FramesPositions TypeAlerts TypePurchase
ForexScalp, Swing, Extended Swing15min, 60min, 240minLong & ShortEmail/SMSYes
ForexTrend, Long-TermDaily, WeeklyLong & ShortEmail/SMSYes
StockTrendDailyLong & ShortEmail/SMSYes
StockLong-TermWeeklyLong & ShortEmail/SMSYes
StockSwing60minLong & ShortEmail/SMSYes
ETFsTrend, Long-TermDaily, WeeklyLong OnlyEmail/SMSYes


Would you like to learn more about our trading signals? Listen to what our new and experienced traders have to say about our amazing trading solutions.



Real-time alerts for stocks, forex, or ETFs with an entry and exit point, allowing you to know exactly what/when to buy or short and what/when to sell or cover


The integration of Heatseeker with our stocks and ETFs signals provides only the most selective picks to be traded at the right time, giving you the power to trade with confidence and precision


Instantaneous Monster Trading Signals sent directly to your email and SMS so you can take part of the trading action within minutes from your computer or smartphone


Remove the emotions, guessing, greed, and fear that keeps traders in front of a computer analyzing chart patterns, doing fundamental and technical research and rather let our systems do the work for you

Signals Example


Mike Christie

David is a interesting dude man. The training was pretty good. Little that I knew the training would make me think in ways I never thought before. To me this is the plus in the training. It’s all about how you think.

David Jimenez

Monster Trading Systems, the teachings and the software, is providing something I’ve been missing during my 2 years of trading, and that is an EDGE. Software is easy to work with. Provides additional information I did not know before, and gives me a visual to work with.

Thank You Monster Trade Systems.

Dream Home Capital

Great class and teacher. You have to take his one on one course. You will learn so much and be surprised! He actually cares for his students.

Anthony Figueroa

Jean Yves Berger

Hello everyone,
I bought the forex system from David to help with my trading styles which it is a good system and on top of the system David always send me text messages when a paris signals come out. That really helps me to have success in forex. Only one thing I don’t like in that system it makes me lazy, just waiting for the signals. With that system you can trade as a swing trader. Please if one is interested in forex I highly recommend that system, only you have to do be patient for the system to send out the signals to make money.
David is really good at it, just follow what he asks you

Alex Gallimore

I did the one-on-one coaching with David and he is an amazing teacher!!! He has a way of making things simple and uses many illustrations to help the concepts stick. It was well worth it and now I feel much more prepared to begin using his systems. If you are hesitating, don’t! The coaching is worth it!!!

Wayne Washington

Monster Trade Systems has given me (trader) the power to automate my moves and take all the emotion out of the deal. By using Monster Trading System software, I can set parameters for potential trades, allocate capital and open or close positions all while you sleep or watch TV. I would highly recommend Monster Trading Systems.

Ray Jimenez

I have been a part of Monster Trading System’s for close to a month now and David has helped me to understand the concept of trading. His program stock boss has really helped me to pick and choose , my choices for stock purchases. In my opinion if you really want to learn all about stock trading, join this school.The classes are twice a month free of charge and David is available via text 7 days a week to help answer any questions. Great investment!!!!

Rodolfo Alfaro

Monster scalper change my life, and help me to have a income when I most need it, in the middle of the pandemic. Thank you David for all your advice and really appreciated.

Deborah Bryant

I’m so thankful for Monster scalper. The system is so helpful and took my trading to a whole new level.

Monster Trading Systems Presentation