If so then come and spend 8 Hours/30 days with someone who has over 25 years of experience trading privately and
have trained/coached many traders reach their goal of becoming a trader.
ONE ON ONE LIVE COACHING (IN PERSON. NOT ONLINE) is absolutely the best way to learn how to trade.
Nothing can compare to this personal direct hands on method of teaching.
This is an excellent opportunity to accelerate your learning curve by years and to leave behind the vast majority of traders who are unsuccessful.


1: How to read “PRICE ACTION” with a very high degree of accuracy – Once you learn this valuable skill your trading will never ever be the same again, and you will be light years ahead of all the amateur novice traders and even more skilled than many of the seasoned traders.

2: Learn to trade the Trend Following way, from the big moves and be on the RIGHT side of the markets with a very high degree of accuracy and consistency – High probability and very low risk.

3: I will show you exactly where to enter and exit each trade in order to squeeze the maximum amount of profit out of the markets along with professional money management and advanced trade management skills that l personally use. I TEACH YOU EXACTLY THE WAY I TRADE!

4: Stress free trading with a high level of confidence – The correct mindset, approach that is critical to your success.

5: Trade either part-time or full-time- Fit around other commitments – No watching a screen all day.

6: How to quickly accelerate your learning and understanding of the markets and achieve success in months not years!

7: Many more very important subjects will also be covered in depth during the coaching.

THIS FULL 8 HOURS/30 DAYS TRAINING IS JUST YOU AND ME (In person at our office in Winter park, Florida) — 100% FOCUS ON YOUR LEARNING. This also includes a minimum of “THREE MONTHS COACHING” thereafter to help you make solid progress with your new skills that you have learned. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT!