Monster Trading Systems was founded in 2010 by CEO and founder, David Stephenson with one objective in mind: to provide a vehicle of wealth that would close the gap between professional traders and regular individuals. This would provide everyone with an equal opportunity to trade the different markets; stocks, ETFs, and forex based on one primary factor, price action. Monster Trading Systems removes the negative trading habits such as emotions, greed, guessing, and fear. By empowering trading systems, the process is executed without the need for human intervention. As a result, traders are freed from having to continuously scan, research, or guess what to buy and when to sell. Profit-maximizing algorithms are always on the lookout for the next best opportunity to earn money in diversified markets.

“Traders are human, and such are susceptible to flaws that can often constrain or even destroy positions they take in the market. Monster Trading Systems, on the other hand, have been designed to eliminate such drawback. Unlike humans, automated tools follow systems to the T, are disciplined with cutting losses, are more certain about when to let winners run, are avoided of emotions such as greed, fear, and perhaps more importantly, can run nonstop, day and night.”

CEO and founder, David Stephenson


To provide an affordable trading mechanism that would allow professional traders and regular individuals with the opportunity to trade the different markets with more precision while maximizing profits, minimizing risks, and removing the interference of human emotions. 


Ever thought about trading stocks, currency pairs, or commodities through ETFs? Many probably have, but at the same time concerns emerge because you don’t know what to invest your money on. With Monster Trading Signals, you know exactly what and when to buy, but most importantly what and when to sell. Monster Trading Signals makes trading possible with confidence, discipline, and removing emotions.


We pride ourselves of providing a true vehicle armed with rewarding results. A trading signals mechanism that allows all individuals with any trading experience the opportunity to trade the market and diversify their trading strategies using Monster Trading Systems. Give yourself the opportunity to make a change and start building your path to financial wealth. Check our eBook to go more in detail about it.


Every trade requires two specific actions, to buy and sell. Every action requires one out of two decisions, to act or to keep wondering. Which one are you? The one with a purpose in mind who works towards a goal or the one who keeps waiting on the sidelines while time goes by?

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