Automated Trading Systems


Automated Trading Systems


Automated Trading Systems


Automated Trading Systems


Revolutionize your Trading with our 6 Automated Trading Systems

Having a hard time reading the markets? They’re up one day, down the next, reacting to things you didn’t think were important, and basically being highly unpredictable. Here at Monster Trading Systems we dramatically improve your earnings with sophisticated, proven signals that leave nothing to chance. Now you can invest by the numbers, greatly reduce risk, and send your profits through the roof.

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Free Trading on the Zone book is with our One-On-One Coaching.

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Free Trend Following book is with any of our Automated Trading Systems.

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Trading the market is no game
Monster Trading Systems makes it possible

Monster Trading Signals Hall of Fame


327 Pips Profit USDCAD Long Forex Pair Monster Trading Systems

548 Pips Profit GBPAUD Long Forex Pair Monster Trading Systems
596 Pips Profit EURUSD Short Forex Pair Monster Trading Systems
1,535 Pips Profit GBPUSD Short Forex Pair Monster Trading Systems

Learn About Our Automated Trading Systems

Six unique trading automated systems algorithms, one goal in mind – to provide the best alerts that will deliver the best risk/reward opportunities on your investment, period.



Maximize profits by staying longer in the trend


Minimize losses through automated risk management


Stay diversified by trading all markets

What traders are saying about
our automated trading systems

Jean Yves Berger

Hello everyone,
I bought the forex system from David to help with my trading styles which it is a good system and on top of the system David always send me text messages when a paris signals come out. That really helps me to have success in forex. Only one thing I don’t like in that system it makes me lazy, just waiting for the signals. With that system you can trade as a swing trader. Please if one is interested in forex I highly recommend that system, only you have to do be patient for the system to send out the signals to make money.
David is really good at it, just follow what he asks you

Alex Gallimore

I did the one-on-one coaching with David and he is an amazing teacher!!! He has a way of making things simple and uses many illustrations to help the concepts stick. It was well worth it and now I feel much more prepared to begin using his systems. If you are hesitating, don’t! The coaching is worth it!!!

Wayne Washington

Monster Trade Systems has given me (trader) the power to automate my moves and take all the emotion out of the deal. By using Monster Trading System software, I can set parameters for potential trades, allocate capital and open or close positions all while you sleep or watch TV. I would highly recommend Monster Trading Systems.

Ray Jimenez

I have been a part of Monster Trading System’s for close to a month now and David has helped me to understand the concept of trading. His program stock boss has really helped me to pick and choose , my choices for stock purchases. In my opinion if you really want to learn all about stock trading, join this school.The classes are twice a month free of charge and David is available via text 7 days a week to help answer any questions. Great investment!!!!

Rodolfo Alfaro

Monster scalper change my life, and help me to have a income when I most need it, in the middle of the pandemic. Thank you David for all your advice and really appreciated.

Deborah Bryant

I’m so thankful for Monster scalper. The system is so helpful and took my trading to a whole new level.